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Artistic….Creative….Fun….The first time I picked up a camera I was nine years old. It was a purple “Le Clic.”

As I got older I realized that I wanted to capture life in pictures. To do this I would have to show reality, reality in an instant. I had found my passion. That’s really when my pictures began to unfold the stories of life, joyous and sorrow-filled, raw and serene, beauty in the ugly. I have the ability to capture these stories because I am in tune with people and their feelings. I have that sixth sense, the sense of seeing what others may not and being able to bring that out in pictures with the camera that I got for my Birthday. As soon as I took my first picture I was hooked. Of course the first pictures I took were the cookie-cutter pictures everyone takes.  People standing together saying “cheese” at Christmas and Birthdays all posed and pressed. The vacation sunset like thousands of others.

A good photographer can take pretty pictures.  A great photographer creates stories with their camera lens so that others can experience that instant in time through the finished frames. Each picture is unique in it’s making.  Every person, everything that lives has qualities all their own. Whether it’s the intricate beauty of an English garden, the awesome wonder at the birth of a baby, the loneliness of a widow grieving the loss of her soul mate, the joy of children playing: every click of the lens brings to life an instant that is like no other.

I capture the expected and the unexpected.

I take edgy pictures that push the envelope.

I freeze raw emotion.

I take still life that is just off center.

I am Heather A. Johnson.

I am a storyteller.

I capture moments as they happen.

Let me capture them for you!

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