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Happy New Year!!!

It's Haj here! That's right, writing my last post of 2017 just about 45 minutes before 2018. I cannot wait!!!! This is the year I will become an RN. Reinvest more time into my business here and have just more time for life. Thanks to all of you that remained loyal and patient clients through this crazy time! What a whirlwind and in just a few months I will have my nursing degree and it will all of been worth it!

For those who just are joining the party, either as a new client or haven't seen my old blog. I decided almost three years ago to become a RN for a more security for my family. My intention is to not give up my photography as that is my passion as well as caring for others.

Along with my new initials that will be following my name, I have plans for my business. There will be more mini sessions to be offered at different locations. I'm calling them Pop up shoots and each month I will pick a different location and set times for some mini sessions. More information to follow, but look for them starting the end of May. These will be great affordable options for my budget conscience clients that don't need what my full sessions offer.

As I end this post, thank you all for sticking by me this year. It was extremely difficult in many ways and it really puts in perspective the way I want to grow going business! My love to you all! Be safe tonight and take hold and start this new year off with a BANG!!!

~Love always


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